Joan Lluch2Joan Lluch, Managing Director at BGlobal:  “Joan Pascual is an architect with great skills designing and implementing industrial buildings. As a team’s director gives freedom to elaborate details under the methodology to understand problems involving worldwide’s project. Everyone participating in the Project has a great help.”


Ignasi Pérez Arnal, Contents Director/co-founder at European BIM Summit:  “Joan Pascual isJ a kind of architect from a new generation: he deals perfectly with the concept of the space to be created while using the suitable materials for an efficient way of building it. But he also is able to relate Architecture with the new Economic Trends and to interact with the user at the same time he provides excellence sense of productivity.”


Xavier Lacroizette Mañas

Xavier Lacroizette, BIM Engineering & Construction expert:  “Après avoir travaillé sur plusieurs projets avec Joan, la plupart d’entre eux à l’étranger, je peux garantir que Joan est un architecte et une personne très responsable dans leur travail, passionné, exigeant et bien informé de l’architecture industrielle.”


Despacho en colaboració con Francia: Robin Chaignet, architecte.